At Bluebird Properties, we’ve been managing residential properties in Kuwait for over 10 years, proudly providing a first-class service for premier properties. Our focus and specialist expertise have been in the rental villa sector. Our success comes from offering a more efficient and caring service than others in the market.

Managing rental properties and meeting the needs of tenants can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Rent may be delayed, bills unpaid and essential maintenance work neglected. The outcome is often vacancies, lower income and a fall in property values. We offer property owners peace of mind by managing their properties professionally and at a competitive price in order to maximize their return on investment while enhancing the lifestyles of their residents.

We know the importance of proactive contact with both the owner and tenants. As manager, we aim to establish a close working relationship with all stakeholders. These personal relationships often last years, thanks to the low staff turnover rates we enjoy. Our loyal owners and tenants are therefore rewarded with service and attention that’s consistent, dedicated and responsive.

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Effortless modern living is the main concept behind the Aljazi project. Designed by ESAS Architects and completed in 2010, the project considers functionality at all levels from the materials used to the spacious layouts.

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Leya Villas are residential homes designed by Aziz AlHumaidhi to cater to today's modern family. The L shaped plan of each villa encloses within it a spacious garden, which is directly accessible from the main reception...

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53 Oak is an apartment/townhouse project designed specifically for new families. Located in Sideeq, an up-and-coming residential area in the center of Kuwait, 53 Oak consists of four apartments and two 2-story townhouses.

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